Friday, February 8, 2008

You Too Can See KG Play

If You Buy A Seat To Another Minnesota Game

Did you hear that? Minny fans were able to buy tickets to see their old pal Kevin Garnett play ONLY IF they bought tickets to another game. I understand marketing. I love marketing. Marketing is one way I make a living (bet you're wondering what I really do, huh?). But as a sports fan this would twist my boobs (I was going to say burn my butt but I'll take advantage of the fact that I'm a female blogging about the Celtics. Are there any others out there?!!? If so, speak up now because I could use you next to me. More on this later).

Back to the topic at hand. How do you feel about this? In struggling seasons past would you have bought tickets to see someone you had loved come back to play on the Garden court? If so, would you have always bought the mandatory second pair of tickets to another game in the future? I don't know why this is bothering me so much. Perhaps it's because I'm writing during half time while Balcony Guy is watching Live Free or Die Hard and I could give two burps about this movie. Maybe his strategy isn't so bad because, while it's great to see Big Al and crew play, it's not fun to watch the C's struggle. Actually, I'm still having a hard time seeing those boys in Timberwolves clothing which is in direct correlation to something I mentioned here.

So, ladies. Are you out there? Are you a Celtics fan? Or are you somehow connected to someone who's an NBA fan? By now you've noticed that there are a lot of games. It's not just a Sunday or Monday night taken over by the game. It's most of the week. What are your thoughts on this? If you're wrapped up in one of these NBA teams then you understand this. If you're just coming into this then it might be a bit shocking. It's ok, you can let it all out here.

8:28 to go in the 4th: Posey just pulled a pretty hustle. Oh so pretty. He scrapped for the ball and from the ground did SOOO THE RIGHT THING and hurled it back toward the C's net. If there is one thing you learn in any sport, it's to keep the ball away from the opponent's goal. Basics are what make it beautiful. Oh, that sounds pretty. I'll have to save that for another post.

Mere seconds left in the game: POWE, POWE, POWE. Balcony Guy has been behind POWE since day one and I've never doubted his hyping Leon and tonight, OMG, tonight. All I can say is POWE.

Oh, I hate to see the Cs struggle to get back on top but, I tell you, I've said it before (I think) I love these nail biters. They are what make this game exciting. That and the Celtics. The Celtics are making this game exciting once again.

And, true to form, since this isn't all about the game but what I see during the game, I spent a lot of time here tonight. Loving this place. If you are also sitting at home watching the game and at the same time in front of your computer then this is the place to be while multitasking. Don't think I'll make it have to navigate to where the happening forums are. Go ahead and check it out. You can thank me later.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

We Interrupt This Celtics Broadcast for Some Girlie Fun

I know this will annoy my male readers reader, but I've got to interrupt my Celtics posting to gush a little about my new bag. Yup, a bag. First of all, it's not any old bag. It's a super luscious Veronica London bag that I WON. And I'm not just gushing b/c I want to kiss up to the gals at from whom I won the bag in the hopes that they will send over one of their luscious yoga bags for me to check out and review. No, I'm gushing because this bag is worth the gushing. It's leather and suede and it's for a real working woman. ME! I am one of those.

See, I belong to this fantastic site for working moms aptly named Work It, Mom! I love being a member of that mom community because there are other moms like me who juggle their family life and work life. Plus they run a lot of contests for great mom gear, like this bag. So I entered the contest which was pretty simple: submit a photo of your bag. Well, I'm not ashamed to say that I put up three photos, one of my $20 Target purse that's quite cute, one of my yoga gear bag and one of the diaper bag. Oh, dear diaper bag. Random fact: two of those three bags have been to Celtics games so, see, there is some relevancy here. And I'd bring my new bag to my balcony seat just so I could look all professional-like but I don't want the bag to get hurt. Seriously, put your bag under your seat and you're sure to find it filled with beer and peanut shells by the end of the game. Only old bags need apply.

Back to my new bag. LOVE IT! It has room for everything and it even has my initials on it. Yummy. It's black leather. The interior is a soft blue that goes with nothing I own but still looks good with my complexion. It has a removable laptop bag (key) and room for all of my work-type accessories: pens, business cards, cell phone, blue tooth headset, palm pilot, clipboard, scrap paper, water bottle, sharpies and can even fit my big recording headphones just in case. Well, if I hold the water bottle then the headphones will fit. Ohhh, and there's even a convenient place to clip my keys on the inside so I don't have to look so rushed and clip them on the outside to the nice nickel hardware. I SHALL RESPECT THE BAG. This picture is Balcony Baby having commandeered both my yoga mat and my bag. She's either doing a deep squat or filling her diaper but that's for another post.

Serious Balcony Points, say 12, to the team for putting up such a great bag. And for packing it in such a great way. The box was big enough for Balcony Princess and Balcony Baby to take turns riding in. The paper in the box has already been turned into Valentine's Day projects which, in our house, include green hearts because of the Celtics and because Balcony Princess likes everything to match. I'm pretty sure Big Baby and Scal will be getting green heart valentine's from the little Balcony Girls.

So I'm one lucky gal. I've got great seats to see a great team play mostly great games. I've got a great Balcony Family. I've got some great mom friends (big wave to my WIM BFF, Kate!) and now I've got a great bag to pull it all together. Ahhhh. Watchugot?

PS: to that male reader, you may score balcony points (or whatever it is she hands out for goodness) with your Valentine if you get a bag from Shameless Plug.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For all of you who think Scal should never see the court again I say, "Phlllbbbbttttt!" The boy's not perfect and his stats are lacking in comparison to, well, most of the NBA, but that boy brings joy to the hearts of people like me. (cue music) People who have been that player. (pan in, slow motion shot of the crowd jumping to their feet) And you know what, we know we suck but people like us anyway because we help in our own way. We're loud and know how to kiss ass encourage our teammates.

Ok, got that out of my system. Waddagame. I'm sad we are not sitting in our balcony seats tonight. Our friends are there in our place (I'm waving at you, Jim & Donna) because I'm all doped up on Sudafed and Balcony Guy is getting over yesterday's tangle with food poisoning. So in the comfort of our own home we get to see grown men getting scrappy. And by scrappy I mean like an NCAA division III women's team. Not that I know what I'm talking about or anything (wink, wink). The boys should have just lined up on each foul line and played dodgeball.

Cassell. I could say a lot about Sammy boy but the crowd and the replays were really clear. You can't take a guy's head off with your arm and pretend it didn't happen. Tommy Heinsohn said it best, "Shut up and get to the locker room." Oh, I guess if I had been sitting in my balcony seat I would have totally missed that comment. I'd give a gazillion balcony points to Tommy but he's sitting on all of those Tommy Points. What's he need with what I've got?

Had I been at the game I would have also missed the commentary that the flu is going through the NBA. Guess that can't be helped when you're in close contact with peoples armpits and everyone is dribbling their balls.

Congratulations, Cs, on another well earned victory.

All Things Green and Gooey

I have to hand it to the boys for playing strong last night. They really pulled up when they were behind and, while they lost, they looked good doing it. Oh, I know, I would have liked to see them win too, but the adrenaline, people, the adrenaline! These nail biters are keeping me from sitting still during a game. The constant jumping up and down and clapping and punching my fist in the air and high fiving people around me are keeping me young. Something like that.

Two things to point out. One: I'm so proud of my Balcony Princess. She begged to stay up late to watch the game (no problem there since it was an early game!) and as soon as she saw the team she said. "They're wearing green. That means that aren't at home tonight." Awww, makes a mama proud. Then she started yelling, "Go Big Baby" which was just hilarious. She gets 3 balcony points because that's how old she is.

Two: My dear, dear Paul Pierce. What a trooper you are to get out there and playing while feeling flu-like symptoms. No one likes to have the flu. Looking at your face and seeing the struggle you were going through was tough. I just wanted to tell you to go lie down and to get plenty of liquids in you but I know, I know, I know what it's like to need to rally. You rallied well, boy.

Still on two here: Now, the mother in me has to say, "Watchudoin? What in the name of all things green and good are you doing? Spreading your germs throughout the NBA is not nice. Gifting others with flu like symptoms is bad. Bad, I tell you.

Now everyone go wash your hands after touching that ball.