Wednesday, February 6, 2008

All Things Green and Gooey

I have to hand it to the boys for playing strong last night. They really pulled up when they were behind and, while they lost, they looked good doing it. Oh, I know, I would have liked to see them win too, but the adrenaline, people, the adrenaline! These nail biters are keeping me from sitting still during a game. The constant jumping up and down and clapping and punching my fist in the air and high fiving people around me are keeping me young. Something like that.

Two things to point out. One: I'm so proud of my Balcony Princess. She begged to stay up late to watch the game (no problem there since it was an early game!) and as soon as she saw the team she said. "They're wearing green. That means that aren't at home tonight." Awww, makes a mama proud. Then she started yelling, "Go Big Baby" which was just hilarious. She gets 3 balcony points because that's how old she is.

Two: My dear, dear Paul Pierce. What a trooper you are to get out there and playing while feeling flu-like symptoms. No one likes to have the flu. Looking at your face and seeing the struggle you were going through was tough. I just wanted to tell you to go lie down and to get plenty of liquids in you but I know, I know, I know what it's like to need to rally. You rallied well, boy.

Still on two here: Now, the mother in me has to say, "Watchudoin? What in the name of all things green and good are you doing? Spreading your germs throughout the NBA is not nice. Gifting others with flu like symptoms is bad. Bad, I tell you.

Now everyone go wash your hands after touching that ball.

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Kate said...

hehe maybe mr.germy is just infecting the opposing team on purpose? maybe it's all strategy!

still, playing with the flu? that's hard core!