Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Kendrick Perkins

Today marks Perk's 24th year. In tribute, Balcony Guy is expressing his wishes while wearing one of his favorite t-shirts (PLEASE NOTE: you'll need to click on the photos to get the full view. I'm experimenting with photobucket. So far me no likey):

And I couldn't let the day go without adding my own HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting. Unfortunately I'm still trying to get out of trouble for this October 31st debacle:

I was merely trying to get down to the court to give Perk an early birthday hug because I knew I wouldn't be in my seat tonight (have a blast, Suldog, and watch that voice!). It's not like I was stalking him or anything.

Well, I hope your day is fabulous and involves lots of cake, Kendrick. As you get older remember that some things never go out of style - Birthdays, Basketball, Banners and BEASTING.

Cheers (and a hug).