Friday, March 28, 2008

Finding Celtics References In Strange Places

Warning: this is not a happy post. You may avert your eyes and come back later when I've got something more joyful or silly or more entertaining.

The Balcony Girls and I packed up Balcony Cat 2 today and brought her to the vet. She wasn't doing well after what seemed like an infection and I'm very sad to say she passed on this afternoon. I'm saddened to have lost the lovely ball of fur that I've had for ten years. The ball of fur that slept close, wasn't afraid of a bouncing basketball, and purred louder than is legal.

In a strange twist of fate we had to bring her to a different vet today. The reason is so odd and completely off topic that I'd have to go start a different blog elsewhere about the Balcony Family's daily life outside of the Celtics.

Since I'm not going to be doing that today, let me tell you the reason for this post. The girls and I are waiting for BC2 to be seen and we meet a nice young couple who had just adopted a HUGE cat. I mean biggun. I mean bigger than a Tonka truck. The receptionist asks for the name of their cat and get this. No really, this is why you're reading all of this sad stuff about my precious BC2. The cat's name is...


And the vet tech who was standing there didn't miss a beat, "As in Rajon?" Yup.

Life is good when, in a time of sorrow, there are Celtics fans around you.

Here's to Sammy The Cat (her real name). Cheers.

Go Celtics.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Accidental Photo

Driving into the Celtics vs Suns game yesterday afternoon (Lovely win, Celtics. Lovely win.) I managed to snap this shot on the Mass Pike:

I had driven by this guy and his female passenger and was shocked at the plate. What kind of luck was that? So I slowed down in the far right lane and after waiting for about an hour for him to catch up (ok, not really an hour but seriously he was doing about 55. On the Mass Pike. Clearly he's not from these parts.) I got this shot and several others. Poor guy. I hope he didn't travel all the way from Pennsylvania just for that game.