Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Am Not Scot Pollard

All of the pictures in this post were taken by me, Balcony Gal. I hope you like them. In case you didn't know, you can click on them to make them larger. It's very exciting.

I love my Balcony seats. I enjoy MOST of the people around me. Like the guys in front and the ones just to my left. There is a guy who sits in front of me who often comes with his pretty wife. This guy is really smiley and happy and loves that he's a Balcony Person. He even had these seats last season when, well, we all wondered why we had seats. I'd like you to meet Super Nice, Really Smiley Guy:

I enjoy the Celtics Dancers. I didn't enjoy them last season when their moves were rough and the only thing in sync was the music. Really, I wanted to like them but it was tough to watch. And then this season they broke through. They got it together. And it's fun to not only watch them but to listen to the men around me who are sitting with their men friends and talking about the girls. And constantly look at their pictures. Notice here is not just one guy looking but two. They weren't the only ones but I couldn't get everyone in the same shot.

When Rondo was poked in the eye with 1:57 left in the 4th by Fred "Pokey McPokster" Jones I thought he was going out. It looked like another of our good men was going down. But after Pierce knighted him Sir Rondo The Great Gaurd he rallied with blurry vision.

We got a pleasant surprise at this game. On the drive in, while stuck in the traffic (see previous post), we got a call from our friends . They scored tickets from work and wanted to see us. YIPPEE. We love these friends and don't get to see them often enough. When we finally made it to our seats we got to be THOSE people and called the friends on the horn and said "we're here." Then we waved like fools and pointed and waved some more. Then the guy friend popped over for a quick visit. It was a warm and fuzzy time.

And now the moment we've all been waiting for. This is where I talk about Scot Pollard. I like Pollard. He makes me laugh when he does those little TV skit thingies. And his hair makes me laugh, too.

I didn't have the white headband. All I could find was the black one I use when I wash my face. And I couldn't decide where best in the house to take the picture so I have at least 40 versions. Should I even admit that? This is not a proud moment for me but it was too good not to share. This is not a look I recommend.

I will not wear it on a plane. I will not wear it on a train. I will not wear it here or there. I will not wear it anywhere. No, Scot Pollard, I will not wear your hair.

The end.

Where Did Gino Go?

There were no Gino sightings tonight on the big screen at the Garden. Scratch that, some guy wearing a homemade Gino t-shirt was flashed up there for about two seconds but that was it. Loud boys who sit behind me kept yelling for Gino but nobody heard.

Traffic getting into the Garden tonight was HORRIBLE. I drive to each of these games I attend because I'm located a fair distance from the garden, on a small hill in the central Mass town known for it's larger hills. Usually I have to swing by Balcony Guy's office on the way in to pick him up too, because he bikes to work and can't just bring the bike into the game. Normally it's pretty smooth sailing. I've talked here before about the long parking garage wait after the game. We're used to it so it's not a bother. But by the time we got through the heavy Boston traffic and close to the Garden, the North Station garage was closed. CLOSED. Ick.

Because of our tardiness we missed a large chunk of the beginning of the game. I didn't see Scalabrine go down but I heard it on the radio. Seriously, this was the actually commentary on WEEI:
First announcer: Looks like Scalabrini is heading for the locker room. He may have a groin injury.
Second Announcer: Oh well.

Sigh. I can only shake my head at that. Balcony Princess was very sad this morning when I told her that her man Scal was hurt. She'll be making a get well card later. It will probably be pink.

I did see Big Baby go down. He went hard. Both teams were already back up the court before either of them realized he was down. He went up with the ball right under the board. He did some very strange triple sow cow with a back flip and his shot didn't quite get off and next thing you know he's laying on his left side and rocking back and forth. Turns out his quad is strained or his knee is twisted (reports at the time of writing were conflicting) and he had the help of Scot Pollard to get off the court.

I'm going to show you some pictures now as a recap of my Balcony evening. I'm borrowing the basic idea here from Bossy so don't go thinking I'm all cool and came up with this on my own. I'm still cool, just didn't come up with this idea.

The above is clearly Davis on the ground. The crowd went a little crazy when he stood up but I was surprised at the lack of encouragement for our Big Baby. I'm still clapping for you Big Baby!

Allen was named as an All-Star game replacement for Washington's Caron Butler, who is sidelined by injury. The crowd went wild as the announcement was made and his picture flashed above us:

It's hard to be a Balcony Gal at times. I find that after years of hearing Tommy while I watch the game, I miss his commentary. I really want to know what he was saying (because it's exactly what he was thinking) here:

We The Balcony People had no idea what Isiah Thomas said to get ejected. Above is his hug with Doc Rivers before he left the court. I do know that people love this stuff. Take, for instance, that guy I've talked about before, the one who has paid good money for his season ticket and has NOTHING nice to say about ANYONE. He was having a field day with Isiah and I admit it was funny.

It wasn't funny when he started yelling that Powe sucks. Go ahead Celtics Fans and chime in about that one. Does Powe suck? I didn't think so.

I've got a few more pictures from the evening and fun things to talk about but those will be for another post. The excitement of another win, of a team playing hard though their big guys are down, of the Knicks losing again, is just too much for me to handle right now. It is a Happy Valentine's Day. I LOVE YOU, BOSTON CELTICS. Love, Balcony Gal.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Doesn't that record have a beautiful ring to it? Ahhh, say it ten times fast - fourty to nine - and you still won't be able to stop smiling. Way to go, Celtics!

And now for some more reviews. Still not sure what to get your valentine? Been jilted by a Knicks fan? Then it's time for one of these.

Or looking to make yourself feel great and get people thinking? Then go for one of these.

Know of a Cs fan with a kidlette? Then you certainly need to grab one of these. It's only $9.99 and sure to make that kid even cuter. Of course it can also be used as a gift for that person you just broke up with. All you need is one of those bib extenders. I just tried to find one online and came up empty so get yourself to the fabric store and pick up some Velcro. You'll figure it out.

There's one more shirt worth checking out. OK, there are many shirts there worth checking out but this one below can't go unmentioned. You can pick one of these up for yourself if you're feeling cheeky. Or, guys, this is a much better option than the thong. We gals can buy our own under garments thank-you-very-much. But this shirt, which you'll no doubt smile at for a gazillion different reasons when you look at it, is a much better investment. Think of it this way: you don't want your gal walking around showing everyone her sexy underwear. Got it?
Balcony Guy and I aren't into celebrating Valentine's day. It's just one of those things we didn't feel we needed to buy in to (read: cheap and mushy all year long). We'll celebrate with the Balcony Gals this year because the oldest is old enough to understand and she likes pink.

Oh, and tonight is date night anyway. We'll be sitting in our Balcony Seats cheering on our boys in green. GO Cs!! What are you doing tonight? And for Valentine's day? Share.