Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well Hello There, Stranger

I just woke from a deep, deep sleep. Months of sleep. That's, um, why I haven't been posting here. Yeah, that's it. And I couldn't have timed it any better since tonight will be the first preseason game. I'm looking forward to seeing how KG moves. A skinny Perk. A bulkier Big Baby. And my new crush - Rasheed. I somehow find myself sighing every time I look at a picture of him.

Our season tickets came on Friday. Rasheed is on them. They are sweet looking tickets. I'd post a picture but, like I said, I just woke up after months of sleep and have a lot to catch up on. Like getting my hair back to green. And wondering if Balcony Baby, who is now three, has outgrown the name and if I should call her something different now.

Speaking of Balcony Baby, she and Balcony Princess are getting to go to the preseason game on Friday. Both girls have been to games, somewhere in this post you'll get a little TMI about me, but this is the first time they'll have gone together. I'm thinking it's going to be a banner night for the Balcony Family. HOLY CRAP! I just now understood why they say "a banner year." Wow, guess that long sleep was good for me.

Ohhhh, it's almost game time. Is anyone else as freaking excited as I am that the season is beginning????