Friday, May 23, 2008

Tickets, Coupon Codes and Let's Hit The Road

It has come to my attention that season tickets are still available for the 2008-2009 season. Corner Balcony Seats can be had for what I'm betting is a great deal. They are high up in the Balcony but at least you're still in the Garden, right? Contact Ryan de La Bruere (don't try to pronounce it...just ask for Ryan) at 617-854-8014.

It's not too late to get some great Celtics gear. Until June 30th you can use the promo code LUCKY33 at That gets you 15% off. This is one of those discounts for season ticket holders but I know I won't take advantage of it so I'm spreading the love. If I was going to buy another t-shirt I'd do so at the Red's Army Store because they've got some fun gear over there.

There's a give away going on over at Suldog's place that may interest you.

And I've still got this old photo of KG to give away. Remember the rules simply state your answer has to mention basketball.

Now on to the game.

There was no escaping the crowd last night. It was glorious. From the moment you entered into the Garden until you stepped into the street at the end of the game, the crowd was wild. The chanting while waiting for the doors to open (at 8...omg, what was up with that? The crowd was getting antsy.), the chanting in the crowd as the people filtered through security and the ticket lines, the De-Fense cheer, which was perhaps the loudest and certainly didn't disappoint. The fire and energy in a crowd like that really carries you along.

One of the escalators was busted. The long, long ones that take you up to the Balcony. I'm sure it was tough for some people but, like I just said, the chanting carries you along. And I can turn on the inner athlete when it comes to some things. Like rescuing a kid who walks into the street, or trying to get to my seat before tip off, or outrunning someone to get to the last bottle of tequila on the shelf. The key is knowing when to use it. Pick your battles and all that.

The Celtics Dancers were in top form last night. And they had tops that lit up. I know, you're thinking "Shut up! No way!" but I'm here to tell you, way. They were really cool. Balcony Guy said the lights should be strategically placed elsewhere but he was being such a guy.

Halftime had the longest line for a game of Knockout. And there were two Pistons shirts in the line. Every time those guys went to shoot, Lucky and his band of Merry Men blocked shots and kicked the ball out of the way or passed it over their heads. It was hilarious. Perhaps the best half time entertainment in months.

Hey, The Man, I waved at you a few times but you couldn't see me from way up here. Same goes with Scott. Balcony Guy and I waved in your general direction. Of course you have no idea what I look like (these pics in this blog do not do me justice *cough, cough*) and I don't know what you look like but thought if you saw someone waving, you'd know it's me.

The Man Next to The Man, aka, The Other Man barely sat in his seat. He often jumps up and down and makes sure that the refs and the opposing team know his thoughts. I love that! But after last night, there is no way he can have a voice today. And does he act like that at home in front of the television? I'm just curious.

Now on to the pictorial.

I didn't bring my camera to the game last night because I wanted to just enjoy the game. I was glad for the decision because it freed up my hands for constant clapping. Since I had to do some voice recording last night this morning at some point today, I couldn't afford to lose my voice. (If any of my clients are reading this, I wouldn't be opposed to a nice little bonus for taking care of myself. Or a trophy. Or a certificate even. I'll settle for mint, ok? Damn hard bargainers.)

It was the hardest night of basketball EVER for me. In all honesty and seriousness and on-my-honor. I'm a loud gal. I love to scream and yell and make my voice heard. Last night I wasn't able to do that. But I clapped. OH! MY! GAWD! did I clap. So much so that my hands are still ringing. My arms are too damn sore to hold up my hands for a long period of time so this post is taking me forever. I wanted to just pop off my arms for awhile to get a break. But that's not always practical.

When we got home after midnight last night Balcony Guy kindly got out the Boo Boo Buddy Basketball and helped me to ice down my sore mitts. And my thighs. Because I got the best workout just from jumping up and down over and over and over again. I must have done the equivalent of eight cajillion trillion squats.

Then he made me a great big drink with a bendy straw so I wouldn't have to hold the glass.

Then we kind of went a little overboard on the late night snack.

And I decided a nice bath would be a great way to wind up the evening. I reflected on the Celtics and their fire.

I reflected on the dipwads who call into the radio shows after games and give their drunken opinions on how the Celtics are just like the Patriots. Which lead to me realizing that Tom Brady was at the game last night but he left early. Early. This is the first night I've seen the crowd really stick it out and he makes like a fan who wants to get out of the parking garage ahead of everyone else.

This morning my arms are tired still but my palms are no longer sore. While I don't like it, I'm ok with last night's loss because I think the Cs can get over the win-at-home stereotype which then leads to getting over the lose-on-the-road stereotype. And while I think the Pistons will get a big morale boost out of this win, they can't compete with the force that is the Boston Celtics. OK, they can compete but they can't win. I like to have these positive thoughts when I sit in my garden early in the morning.