Saturday, April 5, 2008

A List

April 5, 2008

1) 12 Balcony Points to Prianna Lee for showing up a day before they were going to make her show up through induction. Way to show initiative, Ms. Pierce!
2) Congratulations to Prianna's parents, Paul Pierce and Julie Landrum. Julie, can I call you Julie? You automatically get 20 Balcony Points for giving birth right before the playoffs. I'm going to give you 2 points for every night you get through during the playoffs. And 10 points for every time you are super mom and let PP off the hook from diaper duty so he can concentrate on work. Of course, I'm not going to know of these times if you don't call me or email me to let me know. Or, better yet, start a blog. Something along the lines of "the Celtics Baby" or "Born into the Green" or "You Can't Dribble A Baby" or "The Truth is That There is a Lot of Poop."
3) With so many new babies in the Celtics family I'm not surprised to see a rise on merchandise like this and this. The latter I admit to having wanted last season.
4) My Balcony Baby, who is a month shy of turning two, used to accompany us to Celtics games when she was a wee thing. I'm not going to lie when I tell you I breast fed her (yes, I said breast in a Celtics blog) while at the game. And before I get lots of nasty mail on the subject let me just say zip it. There weren't many people around, the kid was hungry, and let's face it, a boob coming out at a sporting event is going to be met with cheers.
5) Our playoff tickets arrived yesterday. Pretty. Oh so pretty. We did put in for another string of tickets but didn't get them. I'm ok with that. It was a heck of a lot of money to have to shell out just to maintain our cool status. You do know we're cool, right?
6) I'm working on this post while the Cs are playing the Bobcats. Pierce, KG & Ray Allen all have the night off and I'm so happy to see the way everyone else is playing without the Big Three. The points, the boards, the high fives, the team work. It's nice. There are a few things I'd change but I'm not the coach and what's the point in discussing that on this blog. I'll go make comments on other people's blogs.
7) The lack of fans in the Bobcat's stadium is sad. Those empty floor seats. The empty seats behind the benches. I'd love to have them pan up so we can see if the Balcony is representing.
8) Remind me to run a contest I've been sitting on. I just need to talk to The Man first...Don't let the suspense kill you.
9) Anyone else ready for the playoffs already?
10) I love Mohawks. Big Baby, I love your Mohawk. I'm even willing to show my support for you and the team but sporting my own. I'd even dye it green. I'm ok with the Mohawk.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April First: Not Just For Fools

I know it's a big day for jokes but I will spare you any of my silliness. For now. And let's just note that that is a very hard thing for me to do!

Today is, in all seriousness, the wedding anniversary of Balcony Guy and I. Yes, we were married on April Fools Day. It's a long story. Meanwhile, while I sit here and reminisce about the fact that 8 years ago I wasn't thinking about the NBA playoffs as I stood on the beach in Key West and I still wasn't thinking about the NBA playoffs as I lounged in Jamaica as a newlywed, I'll give you something great to read about a friend of mine who's one of those guys who probably was thinking about the NBA playoffs 8 years ago and also cursing the fact that he had a lot more work to do since Balcony Guy and I were off being wed: Suldog: Same Old Same Old.

And once you've read that, let's get back to thinking about those playoffs.