Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April First: Not Just For Fools

I know it's a big day for jokes but I will spare you any of my silliness. For now. And let's just note that that is a very hard thing for me to do!

Today is, in all seriousness, the wedding anniversary of Balcony Guy and I. Yes, we were married on April Fools Day. It's a long story. Meanwhile, while I sit here and reminisce about the fact that 8 years ago I wasn't thinking about the NBA playoffs as I stood on the beach in Key West and I still wasn't thinking about the NBA playoffs as I lounged in Jamaica as a newlywed, I'll give you something great to read about a friend of mine who's one of those guys who probably was thinking about the NBA playoffs 8 years ago and also cursing the fact that he had a lot more work to do since Balcony Guy and I were off being wed: Suldog: Same Old Same Old.

And once you've read that, let's get back to thinking about those playoffs.


Suldog said...

Happy Anniversary!

(and thanks for the link love.)

Kate said...

ooh oooh!! 8 YEARS!! that is fantastic!! congratulations and happy anniversary!!!!

hmmm does this mean celtics themed celebrations?