Friday, November 30, 2007

Page Five

I love that their season is so good that in tonight's game against Miami, Doc could still yell at them. They should have won bettah.

Page Four

It stopped being exciting to watch them wipe the floor with the Knicks 104-59. It was funny and I was grinning but inside it seemed wrong. In a good way. But what's the deal with not letting Pierce sit down and have someone come out and give him a pedicure or something by halftime?

Page Two

It was a beautiful night to be in the Boston Garden. A perfect night to be a Celtics fan.

1) Rondo - awesome
2) Perkins deserved his Player of the Game status tonight. It was hard to watch him at times, the the limp and rubbing his knee, but when he touched the ball it was magic.
3) The "Beat LA" chant and t-shirts were pure retro genius. Balcony View Points, I guess two of them, to whomever brought that back in shirt form.
4) The pedal go cart races are great and adorable. That they are still red, though, is shocking. This franchise has done so much to integrate the team and logo into everything why haven't they had someone paint them green? Heck, give me a can of green and I'm all over that just to say I did.
5) Congrats to the guy who made the 3 point Take A Shot. I got to do that once. I missed but loved every moment of it.
6) If you need to use one of the TD Banknorth ATMs while at the Garden, make sure you budget in about 1.7 extra hours to do so. The menu just to get to what you want to do involves fourteen pages and 8 million questions about language, sex, dating status, work history and political party.
7) Here's a serious question I would like feedback on: Why would you buy tickets to a game (and in this case several games) if you're going to loudly complain about the team and their support staff? Seriously, can someone answer this question? You've made it obvious you think Scal sucks. Typically when you call a man an asshole over and over you've got strong feelings. But to say it every time he touches the ball is going overboard, exactly what some of us around you would like to see happen to you. You scream your head off at Lucky, too. What's that all about? I don't see you doing anything more athletic than frowning and drinking beer. And last time I checked that wasn't a sport. I'm thinking of getting a role of green duct tape and ambushing your mouth with it during the next game you choose to be such an absolute loser. This is where I give you a thousand Balcony View Points and start subtracting them for every time you open your mouth and pure crap falls out.