Saturday, February 23, 2008

Raising Money For the Celtics Playoffs

Balcony Guy and I bought our Balcony Seats because. No need to explain that. We love going to the games for many reasons and one of the best is that it's DATE NIGHT. Oh, love me some date night. We're pretty busy around the Balcony House and since becoming parents 3+ years ago we just don't get out often. So DATE NIGHT is wonderful.

Now we've got to think ahead to the Playoffs. DATE NIGHT is going to be a little different. See, the price of our Balcony Seats goes up so I've got some work to do.

I'm trying out for the Celtics Dancers. They've gotten so good that certainly they can teach me. Here's my try-out outfit.

Balcony Guy is all set to drive me to my audition.

After my audition amongst the dancers and Lucky (please note this picture was taken by Balcony Guy last year when I did the take-a-shot. The Dancers didn't wave their sparkly pom poms then. So really this is me superimposed on me.)...

...I was so beat, yet exhilarated, that we decided, "What the hell, we've got a sitter. Let's go out to dinner!" So Balcony Guy drove us out to a restaurant. I didn't have a change of clothes.

We settled in at the table.

The waiter was so nice.

I had a small glass of wine.

Balcony Guy upsized his fries.

Then we went home.

I'm still waiting to see if I got the gig so I can pay for my playoff tickets. Vote for Balcony Gal wherever you may have a chance to vote!

Celtics Playoff Tickets

I'm not even going to talk about the past three games. I'm going to hold my head up and look ahead. To the playoffs! I hadn't been thinking about them but then this came in the mail today (see picture over there on the left).

OH BOY! The adrenaline as I was tearing that big envelope open, I tell you, was flowing fast and furious. My heart was pounding. I was probably giggling. What a thrill! Then I saw the prices.

See, this is how it works for those of you dying to know. You buy your season tickets through the Celtics office. Oh, and in case you want to get yours for next season you can contact Ryan de La Bruere (don't try to pronounce it...just ask for Ryan) at 617-854-8014. Tell him Balcony Gal sent you and maybe he'll stop by my seat with a hot dog coupon. Really, those are good hot dogs.

So anyway, you buy your seats and then they are yours for the whole season. YOURS. It feels so good. Even if you only have half season tickets (like us) no one else can claim your seats. And when the playoffs role around, you get first dibs on YOUR seats. Mmm hmmm. We now have dibs on our seats. Will we take them? Will we commit? We're required to pay for the first two rounds up front then we can pay for the next two rounds probably the week after, or something like that.

I won't hold you in suspense: OF COURSE we'll take them. But man, is it a hit to the wallet or what?

Balcony Gal: Um, ouch. That's a lot of money.
Balcony Guy: Wow, that's totally reasonable.
Balcony Gal: Um, we're going to have to come up with that money.
Balcony Guy: No problem. You can take on a few extra projects. [because, you know, extra freelance projects fall from the sky whenever money is needed]
Balcony Gal: [because I don't want to give up the chance to see the playoffs] Of course I can!

Balcony Gal and Balcony Guy then dance around the kitchen. Probably giggling. The End.

Except it's not the end because now I need to find extra projects. Maybe I'll just audition for the Celtics Dancers? Of course, I'll have to get rid of the Pollard Hair. And maybe learn to dance. And I may offend that woman who thinks the dancers are pornesque. Damn. Stay tuned for the plan.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Editorial Comments

Here's one I had to pass along. The illustration in the Globe is priceless. This woman's commentary? It could also be priceless. It's in regards to the Celtics Dancers. Go read then come back and discuss...

Slam Dunk Contest

The Acres, Lewis, Lohaus Basketball Camp announces it's standings in their All Star Contests:

We don't remember

We don't remember

We don't remember

We don't remember

We don't remember the winner but Balcony Gal pulls ahead with her last dunk of the day to bring home the second place trophy piece of paper! The regulation height lowered hoop posed a challenge to many was quite easy for many of the students that day and only a few dozen were able to conquer it. You can see the joy and pride on the faces of the crowd and the one young girl who is so awestruck by the beauty of the dunk that she can't get her jaw up off the pavement. You can also see that the bleachers were full and many people had to stand. And the sun was glaring in the contestant's eyes. And the guys with no shirts on may have been a big distraction to a young Balcony Gal.

Do you know what year this was?

Psst, please don't mention to Balcony Gal that if she put her feet down they would still touch the ground.