Saturday, March 8, 2008

Balcony Gal and The Man

Yesterday, in a bizarre twist of fate my readers reader had company in the world that is Balcony Gal. I was sitting here, looking at the lone stat for my blog (thanks for reading it Balcony Guy!! I love you. *sigh*) when an email came in from The Man's Really Pretty Daughter (from here on out known as TMRPD). She and The Man read the blog post and they loved it. They got more people to read the post and before I knew it, people were flocking to View From the Celtics Balcony in droves, searching for the paypal button that allows them to donate to defray the cost of Balcony Gal's playoff tickets. The end.

Oh, I know, I jest. Bet you didn't expect that from me, huh? I can have a sense of humor at times; it's not all serious around the Balcony.

Anyway, back on topic. I'm sitting here and my google account lights up saying I have a message. Oh, this wasn't just any message. It was the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful message I've ever received in my whole storied 3 month career as a blogger. And I'm not just saying that to kiss TMRPD's ass and get out of the world of a woman that look like Scot Pollard and into the world of the pretty girls. Serious. She said she loved it. She said The Man loved it. They laughed. They passed it on to friends and family. Wow. The Man liked it. He really liked it. SHE SAID HE WANTS TO MEET ME.

dream sequence * The soundtrack to Balcony Gal's life quietly begins to play in the background. The heavens open up and a collective AAHHHHHH can be heard throughout the land. Balcony Gal runs through a meadow of tall grasses and beautiful wild flowers, spinning in circles, arms in the air, flowing skirts - why have just one? - floatinging poetically around her legs. She is thrilled that The Man read her post. She is thrilled that anyone read her post. Then, just as she prepares to leap a tiny burbling brook, she stumbles over the rock that is reality and everything stops. * end dream sequence

I can't meet The Man. He's larger than life. He's The Man. Everyone knows him. Everyone hugs him. Players high five him. The Boston Globe wrote an article on him, talking about how he's a fixture on the court. He's rarely missed a game since 1981. He's a true fan, something that was lacking in the lean years of the Cs franchise. There are other true fans, people who've seen almost every game, who've tried to cheer through tears of frustration, who sent their 40 dollar check to the RMV 3 years ago to get their Celtics license plate that has yet to arrive (Dear RMV, will you ever issue the plate? What's the ETA? If you're not going to send them out this season I could really use that $40 to pay for playoff tickets. Do you know how hard it is to keep that $40 in the account? There have been times when I've had to buy diapers and tequila and didn't want to dip into the $40. Let's just say it's gotten messy. Sincerely, Balcony Gal) but The Man has payed a premium for premium seats and been there the whole time. I can't meet The Man.

I'm nervous. Perhaps if I hide.

Perhaps I just need a drink.

Perhaps the drink is some of that stuff from Alice in Wonderland and I will grow very tall so I can then face The Man.

announcer: Due to all of this drinking, Balcony Gal has to run off to the head. Join us next time as Balcony Gal tranforms into Floor Gal and tells you about things that happened on the court like
  • when KG stepped on Joakim "My Hair Belongs In the WNBA " Noah's foot during a jump ball
  • when it was confirmed that the Celtics Dancers do, indeed, have belly buttons
  • when Gooden was ejected in the second quarter for his second technical foul and he threw his jock strap arm warmer at Floor Girl **this event may have been altered to protect the innocent and make her him look cooler**
  • when very important people shook Floor Girl's hand and didn't laugh at her for standing next to them
  • when Floor Girl got a hug and a kiss from The Man and discovered all of his friends call him The Man too. This may or may not be because he makes them since he is the divine owner of the few seats they were warming.
  • Scal up close with his head shaved is, in a word, scary. But the crowd was behind him like never before and when he pulled down that 3 there was nothing but cheer.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fast and Faster

Last night's win against the Pistons sure had the adrenaline pumping. Perk had a glorious double double, Rondo had some fantastic drives to the hole and KG just was, all while scoring his season high. This morning's Globe had this great quote about KG from coach Doc Rivers:

"He is back to normal and his conditioning is back, his timing is back," Rivers said. "The way we can tell usually is his jump shot, not his post game. When he's making little elbow jump shots, that means he has good rhythm. When he's not, that usually means he's going too fast. He doesn't have but one gear, and it's fast and faster. He was good."

Fast and faster. Sure beats my gears: extra slow and stop.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Attempt at Raising Money for My Celtics Playoff Tickets

Oh, have I been an industrious little Balcony Gal. I've been racking my brain for weeks now to come up with the best plan to raise money for my Balcony Seats during the Playoffs. I've gotten emails in regards to things I should try but most of them aren't appropriate to post here *blushes*.

Balcony Guy and I thought long and hard and came to the realization that we should sell a few of our regular season tickets. Oh, before you think we're doing something underhanded, take a deep breath. We sell them to friends at face value. You want a chance to get a pair of these babies? Then you've got to prove your friendship and have a love for the boys in Green. You don't have to send me bottles of my favorite tequila (Milagro Anejo). You don't have to purchase a weekend getaway for me at Kripalu. You don't have to send the Balcony Girls gifts. You don't even have to beg me to put a paypal button here so you can donate $2.75 toward the cause. I can't be bought that easily. I gave up being easy years ago. (what, did she just say that?)

So in a move to beat all moves, we sold tickets to the Wednesday night game against the Pistons. Well, we didn't exactly sell them. I traded them. I set out to sell them but some guy from a well known Celtics blog site convinced me that I should trade them for some magic seeds. I brought them home and Balcony Guy was a bit upset, to say the least, but once I let him rub my feet he turned around and agreed this could be a good thing.

I got to work planting the seeds last night.

It was a lot of work so I did take a break at one point. Notice how I'm still happy and gesticulating in the only way I know how.

And then I went to bed and awoke to one of the most beautiful sites in the world. No, it wasn't a money tree. It was a TICKET TREE! OHhhhh. MYyyyy. GAwwddddd. Celtics tickets. And they were EVERYWHERE on this tree.

I had no idea it was really possible. Celtics Tickets on a tree. Right there in my bedroom. And not only does the tree grow tickets, it also grows clothes pins. How friggin' handy is THAT?

OH this is just too damn exciting. I can sell all of these tickets and that would help defray all costs of attending the Celtics Playoffs. Wooo hooooo. Could there be anything better right now? Oh yes, there can. There's another tree. That poor sucker from the well known Celtics blog gave me seeds for another tree. It has balls. It sprouts balls. It grows balls. A damn ballsy tree.

But I must stop here and leave the Ball Tree for another post. I'm just too tired from harvesting the fruits from the Celtics Ticket Tree. It's not easy raising money.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome to Sam

Many of us saw and heard the reaction Blhhh Blhhh Bldrahhhnnn received his first night in the Garden. Not only did most people not understand who it was but they just couldn't be bothered to acknowledge the acquisition. They were all too busy turning around and asking, "What?" I sure hope it's different for Sam Cassell.

If Sam is sitting on the bench tomorrow night in the Garden I hope his name is enunciated and the crowd gives him a warm and pleasant greeting. I hope there are people who feel a true pride in having him on our side (and not knocking Rondo around). And I hope that those of you who are going to be there (because I'm not...having traded my tickets for some magic seeds...more on those later) will report back on the crowd's acknowledgment. I especially want to know the reaction from the balcony. Namely the kid-who-sits-behind-me-and-has-nothing-nice-to-say.

Welcome to the fold, Cassell. Now make us proud.