Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fast and Faster

Last night's win against the Pistons sure had the adrenaline pumping. Perk had a glorious double double, Rondo had some fantastic drives to the hole and KG just was, all while scoring his season high. This morning's Globe had this great quote about KG from coach Doc Rivers:

"He is back to normal and his conditioning is back, his timing is back," Rivers said. "The way we can tell usually is his jump shot, not his post game. When he's making little elbow jump shots, that means he has good rhythm. When he's not, that usually means he's going too fast. He doesn't have but one gear, and it's fast and faster. He was good."

Fast and faster. Sure beats my gears: extra slow and stop.


Kate said...

not to be all nit picky (ok maybe) but wouldnt that be TWO gears?

maybe it's cuz points in bball are 2 per shot (normally) so he is just used to thinking minimum is 2? hey, i'm trying!!

Anonymous said...


You passed up a great game. But I'd like some of your magic seeds. I'm all set with the doll though!