Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Attempt at Raising Money for My Celtics Playoff Tickets

Oh, have I been an industrious little Balcony Gal. I've been racking my brain for weeks now to come up with the best plan to raise money for my Balcony Seats during the Playoffs. I've gotten emails in regards to things I should try but most of them aren't appropriate to post here *blushes*.

Balcony Guy and I thought long and hard and came to the realization that we should sell a few of our regular season tickets. Oh, before you think we're doing something underhanded, take a deep breath. We sell them to friends at face value. You want a chance to get a pair of these babies? Then you've got to prove your friendship and have a love for the boys in Green. You don't have to send me bottles of my favorite tequila (Milagro Anejo). You don't have to purchase a weekend getaway for me at Kripalu. You don't have to send the Balcony Girls gifts. You don't even have to beg me to put a paypal button here so you can donate $2.75 toward the cause. I can't be bought that easily. I gave up being easy years ago. (what, did she just say that?)

So in a move to beat all moves, we sold tickets to the Wednesday night game against the Pistons. Well, we didn't exactly sell them. I traded them. I set out to sell them but some guy from a well known Celtics blog site convinced me that I should trade them for some magic seeds. I brought them home and Balcony Guy was a bit upset, to say the least, but once I let him rub my feet he turned around and agreed this could be a good thing.

I got to work planting the seeds last night.

It was a lot of work so I did take a break at one point. Notice how I'm still happy and gesticulating in the only way I know how.

And then I went to bed and awoke to one of the most beautiful sites in the world. No, it wasn't a money tree. It was a TICKET TREE! OHhhhh. MYyyyy. GAwwddddd. Celtics tickets. And they were EVERYWHERE on this tree.

I had no idea it was really possible. Celtics Tickets on a tree. Right there in my bedroom. And not only does the tree grow tickets, it also grows clothes pins. How friggin' handy is THAT?

OH this is just too damn exciting. I can sell all of these tickets and that would help defray all costs of attending the Celtics Playoffs. Wooo hooooo. Could there be anything better right now? Oh yes, there can. There's another tree. That poor sucker from the well known Celtics blog gave me seeds for another tree. It has balls. It sprouts balls. It grows balls. A damn ballsy tree.

But I must stop here and leave the Ball Tree for another post. I'm just too tired from harvesting the fruits from the Celtics Ticket Tree. It's not easy raising money.


Red's Army said...

Crap... I should have planted those damn seeds myself... now you have the magic ticket tree.

I'll be sure to chronicle the RedsArmy.com view from the Balcony... which will be much like yours... only from about a foot higher.

John said...

perhaps if you quit spending money on mind-altering drugs (see "Ticket Tree") you could get some playoff tickets. i'm just sayin'...

Go Pistons! we still hate Danny Ainge!

Suldog said...

I planted some magic seeds last year, but all that came up were weeds. I was expecting a tree with wicked cool Celtic's license plates. That's what the person who sold me the seeds (I think his initials were RMV) said I could expect. I'm still waiting.

Balcony Gal said...

I'm still waiting in the plates, too, and I handed over a $40 check over two years ago. Good luck to RMV...no money in that account now that I've got play off tickets.

Kate said...

seriously, you dropped "gesticulating" !!??
Not only do i learn about the celtics while laughing WITH you in your posts, i am also learning how to use tricky vocabulary.


also, please please please post the paypal so i can convince others to donate money to your cause! (oh me? um no i dont have the money tree, but i hear others do!)