Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome to Sam

Many of us saw and heard the reaction Blhhh Blhhh Bldrahhhnnn received his first night in the Garden. Not only did most people not understand who it was but they just couldn't be bothered to acknowledge the acquisition. They were all too busy turning around and asking, "What?" I sure hope it's different for Sam Cassell.

If Sam is sitting on the bench tomorrow night in the Garden I hope his name is enunciated and the crowd gives him a warm and pleasant greeting. I hope there are people who feel a true pride in having him on our side (and not knocking Rondo around). And I hope that those of you who are going to be there (because I'm not...having traded my tickets for some magic seeds...more on those later) will report back on the crowd's acknowledgment. I especially want to know the reaction from the balcony. Namely the kid-who-sits-behind-me-and-has-nothing-nice-to-say.

Welcome to the fold, Cassell. Now make us proud.

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Suldog said...

If Sam can readily accept that he's the backup to Rajon, good deal. I assume he can, otherwise they wouldn't have signed him, right? Right? Right???


I sure hope so. I'm loving Rondo, and the more the guys who were around last year do well, the better I like it.