Friday, February 8, 2008

You Too Can See KG Play

If You Buy A Seat To Another Minnesota Game

Did you hear that? Minny fans were able to buy tickets to see their old pal Kevin Garnett play ONLY IF they bought tickets to another game. I understand marketing. I love marketing. Marketing is one way I make a living (bet you're wondering what I really do, huh?). But as a sports fan this would twist my boobs (I was going to say burn my butt but I'll take advantage of the fact that I'm a female blogging about the Celtics. Are there any others out there?!!? If so, speak up now because I could use you next to me. More on this later).

Back to the topic at hand. How do you feel about this? In struggling seasons past would you have bought tickets to see someone you had loved come back to play on the Garden court? If so, would you have always bought the mandatory second pair of tickets to another game in the future? I don't know why this is bothering me so much. Perhaps it's because I'm writing during half time while Balcony Guy is watching Live Free or Die Hard and I could give two burps about this movie. Maybe his strategy isn't so bad because, while it's great to see Big Al and crew play, it's not fun to watch the C's struggle. Actually, I'm still having a hard time seeing those boys in Timberwolves clothing which is in direct correlation to something I mentioned here.

So, ladies. Are you out there? Are you a Celtics fan? Or are you somehow connected to someone who's an NBA fan? By now you've noticed that there are a lot of games. It's not just a Sunday or Monday night taken over by the game. It's most of the week. What are your thoughts on this? If you're wrapped up in one of these NBA teams then you understand this. If you're just coming into this then it might be a bit shocking. It's ok, you can let it all out here.

8:28 to go in the 4th: Posey just pulled a pretty hustle. Oh so pretty. He scrapped for the ball and from the ground did SOOO THE RIGHT THING and hurled it back toward the C's net. If there is one thing you learn in any sport, it's to keep the ball away from the opponent's goal. Basics are what make it beautiful. Oh, that sounds pretty. I'll have to save that for another post.

Mere seconds left in the game: POWE, POWE, POWE. Balcony Guy has been behind POWE since day one and I've never doubted his hyping Leon and tonight, OMG, tonight. All I can say is POWE.

Oh, I hate to see the Cs struggle to get back on top but, I tell you, I've said it before (I think) I love these nail biters. They are what make this game exciting. That and the Celtics. The Celtics are making this game exciting once again.

And, true to form, since this isn't all about the game but what I see during the game, I spent a lot of time here tonight. Loving this place. If you are also sitting at home watching the game and at the same time in front of your computer then this is the place to be while multitasking. Don't think I'll make it have to navigate to where the happening forums are. Go ahead and check it out. You can thank me later.


Balcony Memere said...

OMG! I see that all that money we spent to send you to Celtics Basketball camp 20 years ago is still paying off for you AND for the Celtics. Great blogs, girl. Engaging and fun to read.

Suldog said...

And another great game! You'll notice that they haven't lost since Donna and I went. Next time they lose, we have to get the tickets again so we can set things right.

Kate said...

wow i might even have to watch a game soon! hubby will be so excited... lol