Thursday, February 7, 2008

We Interrupt This Celtics Broadcast for Some Girlie Fun

I know this will annoy my male readers reader, but I've got to interrupt my Celtics posting to gush a little about my new bag. Yup, a bag. First of all, it's not any old bag. It's a super luscious Veronica London bag that I WON. And I'm not just gushing b/c I want to kiss up to the gals at from whom I won the bag in the hopes that they will send over one of their luscious yoga bags for me to check out and review. No, I'm gushing because this bag is worth the gushing. It's leather and suede and it's for a real working woman. ME! I am one of those.

See, I belong to this fantastic site for working moms aptly named Work It, Mom! I love being a member of that mom community because there are other moms like me who juggle their family life and work life. Plus they run a lot of contests for great mom gear, like this bag. So I entered the contest which was pretty simple: submit a photo of your bag. Well, I'm not ashamed to say that I put up three photos, one of my $20 Target purse that's quite cute, one of my yoga gear bag and one of the diaper bag. Oh, dear diaper bag. Random fact: two of those three bags have been to Celtics games so, see, there is some relevancy here. And I'd bring my new bag to my balcony seat just so I could look all professional-like but I don't want the bag to get hurt. Seriously, put your bag under your seat and you're sure to find it filled with beer and peanut shells by the end of the game. Only old bags need apply.

Back to my new bag. LOVE IT! It has room for everything and it even has my initials on it. Yummy. It's black leather. The interior is a soft blue that goes with nothing I own but still looks good with my complexion. It has a removable laptop bag (key) and room for all of my work-type accessories: pens, business cards, cell phone, blue tooth headset, palm pilot, clipboard, scrap paper, water bottle, sharpies and can even fit my big recording headphones just in case. Well, if I hold the water bottle then the headphones will fit. Ohhh, and there's even a convenient place to clip my keys on the inside so I don't have to look so rushed and clip them on the outside to the nice nickel hardware. I SHALL RESPECT THE BAG. This picture is Balcony Baby having commandeered both my yoga mat and my bag. She's either doing a deep squat or filling her diaper but that's for another post.

Serious Balcony Points, say 12, to the team for putting up such a great bag. And for packing it in such a great way. The box was big enough for Balcony Princess and Balcony Baby to take turns riding in. The paper in the box has already been turned into Valentine's Day projects which, in our house, include green hearts because of the Celtics and because Balcony Princess likes everything to match. I'm pretty sure Big Baby and Scal will be getting green heart valentine's from the little Balcony Girls.

So I'm one lucky gal. I've got great seats to see a great team play mostly great games. I've got a great Balcony Family. I've got some great mom friends (big wave to my WIM BFF, Kate!) and now I've got a great bag to pull it all together. Ahhhh. Watchugot?

PS: to that male reader, you may score balcony points (or whatever it is she hands out for goodness) with your Valentine if you get a bag from Shameless Plug.

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Kate said...

*wave!!* so when you gonna post a PIC of the awesomeness that is this careerbags bag? i LOVE LOVE LOVE a light color interior - you can actually SEE STUFF in your bag!

thanks for all the linkies too because now i can send to hubby and maybe i can have a cool bag to! (yeah the $20 target bag i have is just not working for me)