Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For all of you who think Scal should never see the court again I say, "Phlllbbbbttttt!" The boy's not perfect and his stats are lacking in comparison to, well, most of the NBA, but that boy brings joy to the hearts of people like me. (cue music) People who have been that player. (pan in, slow motion shot of the crowd jumping to their feet) And you know what, we know we suck but people like us anyway because we help in our own way. We're loud and know how to kiss ass encourage our teammates.

Ok, got that out of my system. Waddagame. I'm sad we are not sitting in our balcony seats tonight. Our friends are there in our place (I'm waving at you, Jim & Donna) because I'm all doped up on Sudafed and Balcony Guy is getting over yesterday's tangle with food poisoning. So in the comfort of our own home we get to see grown men getting scrappy. And by scrappy I mean like an NCAA division III women's team. Not that I know what I'm talking about or anything (wink, wink). The boys should have just lined up on each foul line and played dodgeball.

Cassell. I could say a lot about Sammy boy but the crowd and the replays were really clear. You can't take a guy's head off with your arm and pretend it didn't happen. Tommy Heinsohn said it best, "Shut up and get to the locker room." Oh, I guess if I had been sitting in my balcony seat I would have totally missed that comment. I'd give a gazillion balcony points to Tommy but he's sitting on all of those Tommy Points. What's he need with what I've got?

Had I been at the game I would have also missed the commentary that the flu is going through the NBA. Guess that can't be helped when you're in close contact with peoples armpits and everyone is dribbling their balls.

Congratulations, Cs, on another well earned victory.

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Suldog said...

It was a great game. You knew that already, but just thought I'd say it, anyway. Donna was yelling and screaming and cheering loudly, which is not like her at all. The only thing I'm sorry about is that I didn't get to hear Tommy.