Thursday, November 22, 2007

Page One of the 2007-2008 Season

This blog isn't so much about the action at the game. Don't get me wrong, I watch the action. I love the action. It's the reason I'm there. I've always supported my men in green, even bought my season tickets when they weren't so great and I was enamored with boys that aren't even there anymore. But there are breaks in the action and lots goes on. Lots. The people around me, the people I pass.

So I decided to create this space where we can discuss what we each observe. And for those of you who can't make it to games you can just check here to see what you're missing behind the scenes. Now let's have some fun...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007...Warriors lose.

1) It was put - in - Scal - and - Powe - and - have - them - commit - fouls - immediately night.
2) Those little kids who get to sit on the floor and watch the game are so lucky. Especially when team members high five them.
3) The Celtics Dancers have wwaaayyyyyyy improved over last year. 40 Balcony View Points to them for pulling it together.
4) When you tell people to have a happy thanksgiving in a sincere voice they smile.
5) Stop making fun of the really big one. You're just afraid she could take you out. Ha, she could. And she seems really good at what she does. AND you're secretly glad I linked to her page so you can go lookey loo.
6) People who sit in other people's seats then try to pretend they don't know what the people are talking about when they show up to sit in their seats are LAME. Those who sit an a seat that isn't theirs then try to pick a fight with the person who paid for the seat are just dumb asses and should get over themselves. Own it Dip Shit and go find your seat. And don't cause a scene while the action is happening because some of us care about the game and haven't seen action like this in years.
7) I wish I had gone and hugged the girl who works at the Dunkin Donuts near my seat. She's young, probably her first or second or third job. Her manager was standing where the rest of us stand, on this side of the counter, and screaming at her. Something along the lines of that guy who was carrying four beers and she was giggling at was not funny (he was holding two for the gal who was in the head). Manager was super craptastic in his dealings. I hope she has great self esteem and can just shrug him off. If you're a manager of any sort and are reading this: have some respect. You may be pissed. Yelling and screaming won't get you anywhere. And it certainly won't teach the people around you how to act and perform in a positive manner. That guy gets no Balcony View Points for life. Unless he saves someone's life between now and tomorrow. Then we'll reconsider.
8) There's a guy near me that takes notes and brings his own food. I want to know what the notes are...does he have another C's blog? Good for him for bringing his own food. And I love that when he has a girl with him he's quiet. When there's a guys there - woohooo - language! Love it. 20 Balcony Points. Now if I could only see the notes and what's in the sandwich there may be more.
9) Those of us who forked over $$$ for our seats should be allowed and feel free to bring in our own meals. Heck, tomorrow night I'm bringing turkey sandwiches w/ stuffing and cranberry sauce and mayo and maybe even some squash. Turns out the guys who insisted on checking our purses for the past two seasons don't even look at them anymore. My cute little purse could fit in two sandwiches no problem. Maybe 3 or 4 to share with those around me. And if they get confiscated it doesn't matter because there is more back home.
10) The security staff in the Garden parking garage are, well, silly. And I'm being nice. More on that another time when I'm a little more removed.
11) I love Scal. He was great in this game in the minutes he had. Great being relative, of course. I'm looking forward to more.
12) oooooooo, don't let me forget one of the things that really popped. Big Papi. It's one thing to be able to see David's necklace. Or even his watch from the high in the sky seats. But his earring?!!? Before Lucky brought him out to hold his ball (tee hee, love saying that), before the cameras made it clear that Big Papi was in the house, something shiny caught my eye. The earring. We don't even have enough Balcony Points gathered yet to shower them upon the earring.
13) The Kiss Me Cam soap opera must go on. Fabulous. If you missed it then I'll only explain if you comment that you missed it and want more info.
14) Block by Big Baby. 41 Balcony View Points. Enough said.

What did you see? What do you wish you saw?

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