Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh What A Night

Balcony Princess asked me why I keep smiling when I'm not looking at anything.

Balcony Baby keeps randomly yelling LET'S GO CELTICS and making other people smile. (I dared to bring them out in public today)

Balcony Guy had to wake me in the 4th quarter moments after I had fallen asleep due to this new phenomenon called Not Being Able To Keep Your Eyes Open. His, "They're going to do it, they're going to win, they're winning, THEY WON" was not at all conducive to a nap. Gleefully so.

Balcony Friends and Family, who just yesterday were saying, "What happened to your team?" have been calling and emailing and congratulating me. Me. Like I had anything to do with it *blushes*.

The internet is all abuzz and atwitter and a lot of other things with this historic game. Really, let's just call it historic. We Celtics fans felt this win in our bones. You can browse YouTube and find Cs fans cheering and LA fans crying (seriously, they taped themselves and put that crap up there). And let's just save myself a little time and point you over to Red's Army and Boston Sportz (a most fantastic video clip) where the links abound.

We have tickets to Game 6. I would love, love, love to see the Cs come home and win the finals. After everything I've done to slut myself out for my playoff tickets (as evidenced here and here and here and here) it would be the icing on the cake. But you know, I'm going to be 100% ok with the Cs just blowing up in LA and winning the title during game 5. This way the parade will be that much sweeter. Come on Boys, end this thing and come home to open arms and duck boats. Hey, does anyone know if we Celtics bloggers get our own duck boat? Just wondering...


Anonymous said...

i stayed up, jumped up and down, called friends in l.a. to gloat, even an ex.( it kind of felt like drunk dialing.) but then one l.a. fan said "okay, i concede, the celtics will win. i hope that we lose here on our home court". what? then i read this. balcony gal i hope that the celtics win on our own home floor with you watching and crying and spilling smuggled margaritas all over everyone. i hope that you and the other fans spill out onto the street arm in arm singing weird "we are the champions" songs. i hope that we can all say, "lakers, you played great ball. we want to see a rematch next year." i hope. and in true boston form, i will add that it isn't over until it is over.

Kate said...

if they are posting videos of themselves crying - i think you should post one of Balcony Gal cheering for the Celtics (and by cheering i mean Margarita induced extra enthusiastic cheering!)

now that i know you will be attending game 6 - i may have to watch! try to get on TV :)

Suldog said...

You LUCKY Balcony Gal! Now you get to see them win it, in person! I seriously envy you (and Balcony Guy, too.)