Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thank God It's Tuesday

Tuesday is finally here. My special watch, modeled here by Balcony Guy, tells me so. If you squint you can see a blow up of the trophy the Celtics are playing for in game three tonight.

Once again I find myself with butterflies in my stomach. And I get strangely giddy when I think of 9:00 PM. And my heart rate speeds up. And then, when I go to skip down the hall or up the driveway I curse the NBA. Since the Celtics have (thankfully) been in the playoffs since April I have successfully gained 10 pounds. That's not comforting now that it's 500 degrees and I'm trying to squeeze into the kiddie pool. Playoff Pounds. Not fun.

The past few months have been glorious. Watching the Celtics keep us all on our toes has required that I either cook some fantastic meal or, if we are going to the game, we eat a fantastic meal in Boston. And there are the drinks. I alternate between a crisp Chardonnay from France (sorry California, it's the playoffs and I need to boycott right now) or a Delsina - tequila, grand marnier, ginger ale and lime. Mmmm. Just thinking about the food and drinks on tap for tonight are making me drool. Remember back when the season started and I was doing a sit up for every point scored by the Cs? Then I upped it to every point scored during a game? Yeah, I barely remember that, too.

I'm sure you've already gotten out your foam fingers in prep for tonight and donned your best Celtics gear, be it bar-swag inspired, like this gal who's sporting beads, earrings and beer googles, or homemade, like this man who cobbled together a bunch of old playoff towels and other goods, slapped on a boa and called a cape. He's been sporting this look for a couple of seasons now. And the best part? It molts.

You can always bring out your 80's jacket with it's vintage Lucky image and parkay sleeves.

This look on the right is not one I recommend, though. The Michael Jackson mask is very out of place in Boston. Even if you sporting a shamrock top hat.
Whatever you choose to wear (or not to wear because it is hot after all) and whatever you choose to eat and drink (head over to Perk Is A Beast. Those boys have shocked me. They used to be just about Beasting but now they are throwing around wine pairings and menus. I totally have a crush on the Beast Lair.) I hope you're as excited as we are in the Balcony Family.



Suldog said...

I truly fear game three. I expect the Lakers to get about 50 free throws and win because of it. The series will begin again in earnest in game four, probably.

Anonymous said...

sad face

Suldog said...

They could have stolen that game on a night when PP and KG were miserable on the offensive end. It's a good sign. The C's positively have the better team. All they have to do now is prove it to the Lakers. Here's hoping they do in game four.

perkisabeast said...

Not a fun night in the beast lair. I'm boycotting all of Dyan Cannon's work during the Finals. Much easier than you think.

Balcony Gal said...

Anonymous, it was sad last night but we're not done. You can still feel the greatness of the team.

Suldog, you are right on! You were right in your first comment then again in your second. How do you do that?

Perkisabeast, I'm so glad you stopped by. Honored, really. Do you really know Perk? I guess I'll take your cue and cancel my netflicks request for Ally McBeal reruns.

perkisabeast said...

Yes, we know Perk. We met him two years ago at media day (officially) and now we hang out with him from time to time. I'm proud to call him a friend. He's an AWESOME guy: smart, funny, and really, really knowledgeable about basketball. Plus, he's like seven feet tall and talks in a slow Texas drawl, which makes everything he says sound sort of deep.

Beef Stallone, our 17-year-old (and my much younger brother) is our courtside correspondent. He goes backstage after every game and acts like his butler, carrying little Perk's baby bag and sometimes minding little Perk (totally cute, btw). As the playoffs go along, more family is there so Beef just hangs with Perk instead of baby duty. We both get a chest bump hug every time we see him and leave him so I'm fairly confident we're friends. Beef and I have also been out to dinner with Perk and family a few times. That's pretty awesome.

You should check out some of our archived interviews with him. Some are classic. Some are terrible. We have a couple on youtube http://youtube.com/user/fredrobertsrox