Saturday, March 22, 2008

Car Wash to Raise Money for Celtics Playoff Tickets

It's no secret that I'm working on ways to pay for my Celtics playoff tickets. I've tried to become a Celtics Dancer - they sent a lovely letter telling me to try again next year. Apparently my belly button isn't real enough for them. I've tried growing a ticket tree and I've almost put up a paypal button so people can just contribute already. I realized I was fresh out of ideas.

I needed the help of someone who could really care less about the Celtics. And let's face it, we all have many people in our lives who could care less. If it were the Red Sox I was talking about then the line of good pals would be down the block. But this is the Celtics. There are still only a handfull of us that care. Perhaps it's that there are only a handful of us that believe? Everyone else doesn't want to get their hopes up. But that's a post for another time since I don't want to discourage those of you who only come here for the pictures.

The person who came to my mind when I realized I had to fund raise was my Best Friend Forever. This is a gal who got 5 of her neighbors to fight over who would remove a skunk family from beneath her shed. She successfully raised money for a drumming scholarship to MIT for needy drummers (I know, what the heck is that about?). Last month she held a highly renowned book drive for her local library and was able to bring in thousands of old Mac and Windows manuals dating back to 1994. This is a gal who knows how to get things done.

So this weekend, while also pondering what goodies the Easter Bunny would be bringing to my house, I called my BFF on my awesome ME phone and she came right over. Remember, you can click on the pictures to get a bigger version. Then click the back button to come back here. I'm tired of getting emails about how you people clicked a photo then got lost in the World Wide Web.

We chilled in the hot tub, tossing back tequila in over-sized tea cups because my neighbors are really nosy and I'd much rather they think I'm a tea junky than a lush.

We decided to have a car wash. My BFF made a great sign and walked around attracting customers.

First in line to show his support was Balcony Guy with the Balcony Bus.

He was even so sweet as to bring me one of those great car wash Mitts. *Sigh* He is so supportive. Just look at him cheering me on.

He invited some friends to help out, too, and they were more than happy to be here to help their friend Balcony Guy get to the Celtics playoffs.

Here's his best bud helping out my best bud. So sweet.

I managed to get this shot of his undying gratitude. Don't you just love when the audio becomes visual?

Balcony Guy was key to getting the small cars washed in short order. He had a great time with most of the customers. This guy, however, was more interested in his PDA than in the handsome fellow cleaning his car.

We had positioned ourselves near a construction sight and we got lots of big trucks that way. I highly recommend this to anyone else considering a car wash.

Those big trucks take longer but the men sure do appreciate the work. They all took the time to shake my hand.

Unfortunately this one gal got the wrong idea. She had been hanging out in her man's dump truck and was she ever pissed. She totally jumped out and attacked me.

While this didn't thrill me, I did like earning a little extra for the impromptu wrestling match.

I'm proud to report that we earned enough cash to get through a couple of playoff games! I'm saddened to report that after treating our friends to dinner and drinks for their help and devotion, and having to get my hair and nails redone, we're almost back to square one. Guess it's time to come up with another fund raiser. Anyone have any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, I'm here for you! How about a drink-a-thon?! We can do it! The more we drink, the better the entertainment, the higher the donations! And hey - if it doesn't work - we'll be slap happy drunk anyway! Win-win!

Suldog said...

You can always count on a Sully to help, especially when there are scantily-clad women around.

I do know of a couple who will contribute the full price of one pair of your playoff tickets. Oh, but that won't necessarily help YOU to see a game. Sorry! I'll try to think of more ideas.

Kate said...

haha!! i agree with anonymous - drink a thon! maybe bonus $$$ will get us a song? you could 'sing' for you tickets ;)

Balcony Gal said...

Suldog, looks like you'll be sitting in those seats for the first playoff game. You may have to guest post on that one, though.

Kate, I'd love a drink-a-thon but I have no idea who anonymous is. Guess we'll just have to grab random people off the streets and see how they do with tequila.

Anonymous, thanks for the support! Show yourself so we can work toward that slap happy drunk!

Chellby Banks said...

Jesus H. Christ on the cross, Mandy! You are friggin' hilarious. This blog is genius.