Friday, March 14, 2008

National Celtics Day

Did you know that Monday is Celtics Day? According to the well informed Balcony Princess, Celtics Day will be celebrated by all (I shall not dispel this myth. I'll let her believe it until someone else wrecks the dream). There will be green clothing and shamrock headbands to wear. There will be green Celtics bread to consume (rye, from the bakery. Um, eww). And there should be a Celtics movie. Yes, she is calling for a Celtics movie. Just last week when the shamrocks started to decorate every inch of our local grocery store she threw her arms out and twirled around while declaring, "It is so great to LOVE THE CELTICS." Have truer words ever been spoken by a three year old?

If only she hadn't realized that today is Friday.

Balcony Princess: Balcony Mama, may I stay up late tonight?
Me: No.
Balcony Princess: Just a little late?
Balcony Baby: Me too!
Me: No. Bed at seven.
BP: But, Balcony Mama, I miss Balcony Papa and would really like to see him.
Me: I know, Balcony Princess, but he's going to be home for two whole days.
BP: Oh. So today is Friday?
Me: Yes.
BP with heavy sarcasm and that I've-got-you-now look in her eyes: There's ALWAYS a Celtics game on Friday. I'll have to stay up a little late for that because there isn't a Celtics movie to watch on Celtics Day.

Damn, she got me.


Suldog said...

I was commenting to MY WIFE yesterday, while we were watching the Celtics Parade on TV, that now everybody who hasn't really been a Celtics fan for the past 15 years or so, can once again break the shirts out of mothballs, the phonies. And so they have. The bandwagon is starting to groan under the weight of the latecomers.

Kate said...

hahaha i thought of you yesterday when we were at the DC st. patty's day parade! people were selling anything and everything green and shamrocked - including celtic's gear!

Anonymous said...

Wow, another blog I have to check regularly... thanks Balcony Gal... thanks a bunch!
Actually, I just wanted to let you know that I'll be lurking regularly, but in a nice "too busy to comment" kind of way, not a "creepy, stalkerish, restraining order" kind of way...
Found my way here from our mutual friend Suldog. Hope the whole Balcony family is doing well!
P.S. Liked your Blog so much, I had to go and find my lost google ID to log in and tell you!

Balcony Gal said...

Oh, the bandwagon travels through DC, too? Figures. Soon it's going to have to get it's own set of tracks. Fortunately people like suldog and I have been on a die hard car otherwise it would be too hard to keep up.

DJ, welcome. I hope I can make it worth the effort you had to put in to say hello!!