Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yet Another Playoff Ticket Payoff Attempt

I thought I should take one last stab at making it onto the Celtic's Dancers team. Originally I was trying to make the team so I could earn a few extra bucks to cover the cost of my playoff tickets. But now it's personal. I'm good enough, I just know it. Every team needs someone who's a little chubbier, a little more surprising than you'd expect(hellooo, Big Baby much? And I know I look great in all of these balcony shots but you'd be surprised that I sometimes use Photoshop. I'm just being honest. I don't want to deceive my fans.). So I donned my official Celtics-issued parachute and, during the last regular season game on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BALCONY GUY!!) I took the plunge.

Everything was going pretty smoothly as I careened in and prepared to get right into their act.

This picture only LOOKS like I was trying to land on Donnie Wahlberg. If I really wanted to meet Donnie, I would have marched the gazillion flight of stairs (seriously, do you know how long it takes to get down there and back? And how you really need to be in shape just to sneak down to the court from WAY UP HERE?) and had Neil Diamond The Man introduce me. It's not like I don't WANT to meet Donnie Wahlberg. It's just that I'm not all ga-ga over celebrities. Which is sad, if you think about it. I'd be the perfect seat mate on a plane or at a Celtics game for any number of celebrities. I wouldn't bother you for autographs. I wouldn't want to take my picture with you. I wouldn't even name drop like I do with The Man. Really, you might get a cute moniker just like The Man but that's as far as it goes. I'm just so casual about these things. I have yet to mention the names of the men that I sat with when I sat in The Man's seat even though they are very well known. And I've not at all mentioned The Man Next To The Man who maybe, someday, will have an entire post devoted to him when I can come up with something to say about the Irish season ticket holder who sits on the floor at the Celtics games.

And While I'm rambling on, I should just point out that Donnie Wahlberg should in no way be confused with Donnie Marshall.

Anyway, after what will be forever known in my mind as The Wahlburg Incident, I got back on tack and was in for a perfect landing.

I only covered a few of the girls with my parachute and I was only slightly off in the formation. All in all I think it was pretty great that I even got out there in front of that crowd.

Now, seeing as I don't and won't drop names, I'd like to continue this tale and mention that A PLAYER made me really feel welcome during this whole parachuting incident. A PLAYER is, as it turns out, a huge fan of little 'ole me. He immediately ran onto the court to give me a hug. If you click on the photo you'd be surprised to see that it looks like he's about to punch me but no, he was just coming in for a hug. I swear.

And while you're looking at the picture take a look at those kids who get to sit Right. Next. To. The. Cs. Bench. And the jealous man sitting behind them. How do you score those tickets? Anyone?

Again, I digress. A PLAYER asked for MY autograph. It was so sweet. Then he went to toss me the ball to sign and his arm came off with the ball. I was trying to hide my mortification so I ran to get it for him. He was so nice about it and seemed only a little embarrassed when I turned around to hand him his arm.

A PLAYER would have gotten my vote for 6th Man if Rajon Rondo hadn't scored big on that already. Congratulations to Rondo who now owns one of the greatest M&M'S® bowls in the world.


Kate said...

hmm i am surprised you didnt get someone sticking out their tongue in jealousy of you landing with the dancers! wow!

and um thanks, now all i want are M&Ms, in a big fancy crystal bowl!

Suldog said...

Well, maybe YOU won't name drop, but I'll do it for you. That's Blhhh Blhhh Bldrahhhnnn! And he doesn't let just anybody play with his arm, either! Good for you!