Thursday, April 24, 2008

More NBA Playoff Views From the Balcony

The 2008 NBA Playoffs mean fireworks.

Question: do they pump in extra smoke after the fireworks? There was this much fireworks and this much smoke that just wouldn't disappear.

The 2008 NBA Playoffs mean I'm so excited that most of my pictures look like this while the Celtics are being introduced:

The 2008 NBA Playoffs mean that, during round one, game two, I get to squish Mike Bibby.

The 2008 NBA Playoffs mean Kevin Garnett getting the Defensive Player of the Year award and calling in the whole team to share the honor. They weren't listening because the Celtics have no respect for KG (hee hee hawwww hawwww) so Lucky had to help wrangle them all.


Suldog said...

Squishing Bibby! That should be the name of a band.

Balcony Gal said...

Would you play bass, Suldog? We could have some seasonal songs like, "Bibby Got Run Over by the Bandwagon" and "All I Want for Christmas is to Squich Bibby."