Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I ask my reader(s) who come here only for the pictures to please bear with me as I talk about basketball for a minute. See, there's a little controversy in Celtics land. I wasn't really going to talk about it because I'm not into beating dead horses or people named Bibby. Plus, the rest of the media and blogosphere have chimed in repeatedly. But this morning I was laughing my ass off at a post I read over at Red's Army. They pointed me to this Bibby Head that I can print out and display from my balcony seat during tonight's Game Two. I'm going to be making extras, too, so if you see me waiving my Bibby Head then come on over and ask for one.

You'll have to go check out those sites for the back story. I don't have time to get into it b/c I have to run out to the store and get Popsicle sticks and more colored ink. Hmmm, should they be one-sided or two?


Kate said...

haha ok so i am too lazy to look up the back story, but anything that prompts you to print and glue paper is hilarious! I will have to watch the game and see how many of these Bibby Heads i see ;)

Suldog said...

Well, since you, Balcony Gal (and your Balcony Guy, and even the Balcony Princess and Balcony Baby) have been supporting this team from long before this year, you have every right to make Bibby eat it. You go, Gal. I might even print out a Bibby-Face or two for home use tonight.