Monday, May 12, 2008

Got Old Milk?

All of the other Celtics blogs are looking ahead and, while I am too, I'd like to take a moment to look back. The Balcony Family is in the process of packing up our house in an attempt to sell it to some lucky family. You can read about the exploits at the blog Balcony Family Exploits which, as you can see if you tried to click on it, only exists in my head.

In the process of packing I came across old newspapers wrapped around glasses we never unpacked when we moved into this house. In 2002. You think I would be smart and purge these beautiful margarita glasses but no, they may come in handy some day. Like in three years when we have a blow out margarita party. You're all invited.

The newspapers included an article from the 2002 NBA Playoffs when the whole world was watching Pierce and his shooting abilities. The fans where watching with hope in their heart because the Celtics had last made the playoffs in 1995, and had made their last Eastern Conference finals appearance in 1987 (thank you Wikipedia).

In this packing and pretending-we're-going-to-purge-anything-we-don't-need process, Balcony Guy came across this photo. This was a Got Milk? ad from 2001. From an issue of Men's Fitness from that year. You'll have to visit that imaginary blog to see why I've been hording issues of that mag for so long (and why it only just NOW occurred to me that we moved that magazine and it's brothers from our apartment to this house. Geesh.).

Want the picture? Leave a comment in the comments section - INSTEAD OF EMAILING ME THAT I'M AN IDIOT FOR NOT TALKING STATS or I'M DISGUSTING FOR POSTING CRUDE MUSIC ONLINE. Don't be a wimp, leave your comment. The comment must tell me what you were doing in May of 2002. And it should be good - perhaps funny or embarrassing or smell a little bit like the eight mile high armpit (shaved?!?) of Zydrunas Ilgauskas - and somehow, anyhow, basketball related. The winner, which will be chosen at random by a number generator (Balcony Princess's favorite number of the day, probably), will win this beautiful piece of back flap from the before mentioned magazine. Yeah, it was probably worth more when it was still attached to the mag but that has been passed on to the recycling gods now. Perhaps this photo will get a better home. Enter as often as you like.


Anonymous said...

I believe I was gettin' busy in May '02 - to which the result was the first of our brood in April '03! (A beautiful princess!) :)

Suldog said...

In May of 2002, I was 6' 7", hitting .750 and smashing about 50 homers a year. Now I'm 51, 5'10", and can't hit my weight (which has increased by 15 pounds, so I have an excuse.)

I'm too pitiful to deserve a poster. Give it to the other guy.

Fitarella said...

I am sooo at that margarita party!
May 2002 - I was flying the friendly skies as the hostess with the mostess in a big Jet, probably gettin busy in the cockpit with the pilot as usual.

Kate said...

I so do not want the poster/picture. it kind of frightens me! However, I will attend the margarita party! woohoo!

In May of 2002 I was... um.. I was happy to have been married a year and hating my job. that’s pretty much it in a nut shell. exciting life isn’t it?

To secretive email dude: why would I want to read about stats? everyone else writes about stats! zzzzzzz i read you because you DONT overload with stats.

Balcony Gal said...

These entries are all great but, um, what happened to BASKETBALL RELATED?!!? Try again and make it pretty this time ;).