Friday, May 9, 2008


From the moment I saw this scene I couldn't get Kevin Garnett out of my head. Just the first thirty seconds of this clip are enough to show you what I mean...I imagine that this is what happened to KG when he found out he was coming to the Celtics (except he turned into a green version of this red Satan, of course) and this is what he will continue to morph into as the playoffs progress. I don't mean that KG is Satan, it's just that this image, oh, go watch the clip and you'll see what I mean.

Helpful Balcony Gal Hint: if you're at work then turn down the volume unless your office allows the free-flowing use of colorful language. Same goes for being in the presence of young children.


Suldog said...

I have to get that movie! Hilarious!

Fitarella said...

Rock on beeyoch! I forkin luf it!