Saturday, May 17, 2008

Remember When

Balcony Gal Disclaimer: if you come here for silly or for the basketball-but-not-necessarily-basketball related then you should just avert your eyes. This isn't going to be pretty. And I don't think I have photos for this. At least not yet because that would require an energy I don't have right now due to two sick kids, a house on the market that has to look like we don't have kids, a big work thing that requires a photo shoot of me, work things in general, and a team I'm behind 100% that is confusing the hell out of me.

Remember when, at the beginning of the season, when the Celtics team, all players, came out on fire?

Remember when, part way through the sesaon, when the Celtics team, all players, came out on fire?

Remember when, at the end of the sesaon, when the Celtics team, all players, came out on fire?

Remember when the energy of the team constantly ran high?

Remember when home or away didn't matter?

Remember when Rondo or Pierce could toss the ball toward the basket and KG miraculously appeared to snatch it and put it home?

Remember when Ray Allen wasn't just the calm and consistent but was consistent?

My View From The Celtics Balcony remembers a lot of things. I'm choosing to stop now before I anger the Celtics gods, or front office, or players, or fans who aren't concerned and frustrated by the playoffs. No matter what is happening on the court or in the locker room I'm still going to be a fan. I'm still going to love every minute I sat in my Balcony Seat. I'm still going to be here next season. I'm just saying that my fire has faltered a little because of everything else that is going on in my life and it seems like the Celtics are faltering a bit, too, because of what is going on.

Anyone want to tell me what is going on?



Anonymous said...

now, that is no way to talk, balcony girl. didn't you learn anything from your trip to the floor to sit with that hugging fellow and his mates? the fun comes from simply being a part of something, winning, losing, it doesn't matter. the fun is in the belonging. now, go wipe the snot from your kids noses and put on your best balcony smile and celebrate. this has been a great season!

Balcony Gal said...

Damn it, Molly, you are right! I guess I was just moping when I wrote that post. I shall put those thoughts behind me and look ahead. Let's Go Celtics (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap). Thanks Molly.

Suldog said...

The hustle was there yesterday, BG! Eddie House! James Posey! Paul "This Is Why They Call Me The Truth" Pierce! Woo-Hoo!

Kate said...

well apparently it WORKED as i heard there was some serious WINNING going on in game 7 :) WOOHOO!

i still miss the pictures, but i understand not wanting to get snot on the camera... :p