Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Free Stuff! And Another Championship Game Installment (sort of)

There's a contest going on over at Perk Is A Beast blog. Manipulate a Perk photo into something fun and win a t-shirt. Who doesn't want a t-shirt, right? I just sent over my fairly lame attempt at a submission and it looks like this:

I'd love to come up with some more so keep checking over there to see if I have and to see what others are coming up with. There are some good ones (and some scary ones) in the mix.

I love that they are holding this contest. I held a contest once and no one submitted within the guidelines. I also didn't put a time frame on it so I may just let it run forever. And ever. And ever. Amen.

So, to sum it all up, head over here and try to win yourself a t-shirt. I have one and love it. This is what it looks like:

Yours will come with a neck and without the, um, warped Perk face. I'm proud to say I got this t-shirt, and one for Balcony Guy, straight from the guys of the Lair before the Celtics became the CHAMPIONS. And that, dear friend, is my encounter with the men behind The Beast.


Kate said...


i have seen your photo work, i think balcony gal should be morphed into the t-shirt somewhere ;)

Suldog said...

If I didn't work with Balcony Guy, I'd make a rude (yet oh-so-funny) remark about the "warped" Perk face. But I do, so I won't. Nope. Not even thinkin' it.

Red's Army said...

If I send you free Red's Army wear... can I post pictures of you posing them like this? Come on... I've got Barkley-esque gambling debts to pay off.

I think I see an "I' Into Threesomes" shirt in your future.

Balcony Gal said...

Kate: I thought of putting my doll-faced mug on their but didn't want to ruin the whole Perkins image. That man is big and could really hurt me. I mean, he's HUGE.

Suldog: you crack me up. How polite of you. Very, very gentlemanly. Are you sure you're ok?!!?

Red's Army: I'll always pose for free t-shirts!! At least if I'm modeling a t-shirt I have to have the shirt on...right? I do get to wear the shirt? Right?

Red's Army said...

Unless you're planning on standing there topless and holding the shirt up.

Wait a second. That's might just be crazy enough to work.

But a good plan be would be to just wear the shirt.

Suldog said...

B Gal - Come on over to my place. You are an award recipient!