Thursday, February 28, 2008

Celtics and Cavs Part II

Or Gino's Back and Other Highlights

Yes, it's true. Gino is back. When there was 2:49 left in the 4th the Garden erupted to the American Bandstand sounds and sights of Gino and company. It felt nice. I don't know why Gino dissapeared but it's so nice to see his return.

My seat
WAY UP HERE allows for some good photos (if the lighting is right, if I'm taking a shot of something right next to me, or if I let someone else take the shot). Since I like to use photos that I've taken you'll just have to put up with mine.

There are people that think Lucky is a lame mascot. I've even heard rumor that he's egotistic. But you have to give him credit: that boy can fly through the air with precision so you can't dispute his athleticism (that mean you). I'm trying really hard to keep from making comments about his tight little butt flying through the air.

Here are some shots of Paul doing what he does. His face can be so fierce.

I almost forgot a very important photo. For the back story just go here.

There will be more but for now this will have to do. I have to get to work on my next money making scheme to pay for my playoff tickets. I'm open to ideas...

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